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Functional Breathwork

What is Oxygen Advantage?

A series of unique breathing exercises for optimum health, mental clarity and sports performance.  The exercises focus on two pillars: Functional breathing and simulation of high- altitude training.  It is a science based functional practice that has a hugely positive impact on your life with benefits including optimal performance, greater endurance, better recovery, deeper focus and lower anxiety.


- Willy C

What will I learn?

The biochemical and biomechanics of breathing

How to restore functional breathing and optimise this

Energising breathwork drills for maximum performance

How breathing impacts our sleep and how we can improve this.

OXygenate your life

“When I met Will I was instantly drawn to his bubbly personality but more than that I felt truly cared for. He cares about technique he cares about meeting you where you are at. But not letting you make excuses. I am loving my 2 sessions a week and to be honest it’s been a total game changer for me”

~ Glenda

“Will recently trained me in the lead up to my white collar boxing fight and, in addition to the technical training, the time I spent training with him one to one also helped me immensely with my confidence and I stepped into to the ring feeling totally prepared, both mentally and physically.”

~ Chloe